Mid Air Plane Crash on New York

Watch the video «Mid Air Plane Crash New York – Shocking Video -» uploaded by All Time Best on Dailymotion.

Here image documentation, http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/1960-new-york-city-plane-crash-back-gallery-1.1549629?pmSlide=1.1211145


Did Jessica kill Mirna???


Its only in mymind 🙂

The main evidence that is key to the trial;
The first is a straw.
Until now BB has not been found. Something strange that the straws were already in the coffee cup.
Both are accused Pants damaged by the possibility of a straw inserted into a pants pocket defendant (BB has not been found).
Visual evidence seen by a witness that is changing the color of coffee in the cup can also be weighed against the defendant.
We leave it to the judge’s decision a wise considerations minimal evidence, witness testimony and the support of expert testimony.
A judge could decide to sentence 20 years, not a death sentence but could also FREE of punishment.
We’ll see that soon! Hope …. discretion of the judge be the highest priority of the judicial system in Indonesia.
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