Virtual Machine from VMware








Virtual Machine is virtualization formed from a physical device information technologies such as servers, computers, operating systems, storage devices, applications, networks, etc.

VMware is the virtualization software that can be used to create a virtual machine. VMware’s actual name is taken from the name of the company that the software maker VMware, Inc.

VMware makes it possible to create a virtualized server, computers, operating systems, storage devices, applications, networks, etc.

So you could say with VMware can create a virtual computer within a physical computer, and run the operating system inside another operating system.

In the area of servers, VMware virtualization can be used to maximize server hardware resources – splitting one physical server into multiple virtual servers that are functional.

In the area of daily use, we can use VMware virtualization to run the operating system in the operating system, for example, to run Linux in Windows (and vice versa). In addition to the purposes of testing, testing OS, we can also use it to create an isolated system and do not damage the main system even though the system in the virtual machine we oprek-oprek at will. WinPoin own use VMware to create a virtual system to be tampered with as tutorial material, without having to worry about damaging the main operating system.
You can use the results of virtualization VMware virtual machine for any purpose you wish.

Ways of working
VMware works by creating a virtual hardware layer (virtual machine) on our computer (physical machine). VMware will create a virtual storage, virtual CPU, virtual RAM, DVD ROM virtual, and various other virtual components, and then to the whole virtual machine. Software layer called a hypervisor that is dynamically mangalokasikan resource on the physical computer (host computer) to the virtual machine as required. Once the virtual machine to install the operating system, the operating system in the virtual machine (guest OS) will run in isolation on the main operating system (host OS). Each state of the virtual machine will be saved as a file that can later be duplicate and move with ease. With so can run multiple virtual machines with multiple specifications and operating systems from a single physical computer.




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